Travelling life hacks

Travelling life hacks

Do you travel regularly? Then, these travelling life hacks are definitely for you!

  1. Phone charging at the airport


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Ever needed to urgently charge your phone at the airport, but can’t find a socket? Use the USB socket on the side of televisions. Most will have them.

2. Put all your food in a basket to avoid spills

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Quick and easy way to avoid spillages and mess is to put your food and other beverages into a plastic container.

3. Packing jewellery

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Everyone wears it and everyone likes to bring it with them on a trip. Want to avoid necklaces and other jewellery getting tangled? Put them between two sheets of clingfilm!

Full tutorial

4. Tip for people who always loose their luggage

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Before departing, put a tag on your bag, put another tag inside your bag so you can be sure it will get returned if it goes to the wrong person!












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