Awesome life hacks everyone should know

Awesome life hacks

awesome life hacks

1. Easily remove splinters

Remove a splinter easily by mixing baking soda and water into a paste, apply to the skin then wait several minutes for the splinter to pop out!


2. Get someone to stop texting you by sending them this

“Service error 303: Message delivery failed. Further messages will be charged to your account.”

3. Remove the stem from strawberries

Remove the stem from strawberries by pushing a straw through the bottom and out the top!

4. Pancakes in ketchup bottle

Put pancake mix in an empty ketchup bottle for as little mess as possible!


5. Vaseline for fires

Put vaseline on cotton swabs and use them to simply light a fire.


6. Soap and tights

Put a bar of soap into the bottom of tights for an easy soap dispenser.


7. Homemade candle

Put oil into a tin can and cover the opening with tin foil. Make a small piercing and you have a DIY candle.

8. Use a hanging shoe rack for supplies

Use a hanging shoe rack to store cleaning supplies like spray bottles and canisters.


9. Floating box for the pool

Cut pieces of a foam noodle and ties them around a plastic box like the bottom of a lunch box so you have a water floating box to store things!


10. How to remember if you’ve locked the door

Do something bizarre while locking the door so you will remember that you have locked it!


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