Best assorted life tips

Best assorted life tips

Best assorted life tips

No. 1 Best assorted life tips! Legal advice

When someone is being persistent about that you do not need a lawyer there is probably something that a lawyer can tell you that the person doesn’t want you to know, or they know they’re in the wrong.

A good way for someone to make sure you don’t get proper legal advice after an accident, before a deal or about any other legal matter is to talk you into not getting any legal advice at all.

Always ask questions

Acting like you know how to do everything definitely doesn’t get you anywhere, if you don’t know how to do something, screw your pride and ask for it to be shown to you – one of the Best assorted life tips from tricks and tips!

Mark your tires before hand

Marking your tires with nail polish or something else that won’t wear off will allow you to verify if your tires were actually rotated and that you are not being lied to.

Misc. Male grooming tips

Tip 1:
A good haircut. This is essential for everybody as hair can change the way your whole face appears. Look up celebrities who have the same facial features and hairline as you and copy them as a start on your journey.
Go to a good hairdresser, even if you pay a premium. its worth it.

Tip 2:
Groom your eyebrows. There is no secret to this except pluck your monobrow and any stray hairs above and below your brow line. Don’t pluck them like a girl and make them thin or you will look retarded.
Dye your eyebrows or have them threaded at a salon if you don’t know WTF your doing. Look up pictures of Paul Walker if you want to see good eyebrows.

Tip 3:
Facial hair. Try growing out your facial hair for a month then cut it back short with clippers to see what you look like with some stubble growth. If it doesn’t suit you, shave. No harm was done.

Tip 4:
Washing your face. Make sure you buy a cleanser, an exfoliator and moisturiser of good quality. I use Cetaphil gentle cleanser, Peter Thomas Roth Gly****c acid wash and Kiehl’s Ultra Moisturiser. Your results may vary and you may have to work out what is best for you. If your skin is perfect without this stuff them just stick to water.

Tip 5:
Drink tons of water. Not only will this help get rid of puffy eyes, facial bloat, dark under eyes and alike this will also improve your general well-being immensely and should be undertaken by everybody. AT LEAST 3L a day.

A tan. Solarium, professional spray or at home. Your choice.
Teeth whitening and straightening. This would be number one on the list but I’m pretty sure everybody knows this already.
Manage your body hair. Back crack and sack wax if your real hair. use clippers on your chest and stomach to keep it nice and fresh. NEVER shave these areas.
Get a nose hair trimmer. You might not think it important, but it is. You can also use this for your eyebrows if you CB Fred plucking.


Tips for people suffering from pain


  1. Best assorted life tips – Don’t go it alone.  If you do have any major decisions to make when you are miserable, make sure you involve a third-party
  2.  Another perspective might be necessary, as yours might not be very accurate.
  3.  Be willing to accept help, and ask for help.  You will want to feel better as quickly as possible, and there is no need to be a martyr.  People do like to help others, so reach out when you need to.
  4. Try to sleep.  One of the best assorted life tips – I know it is hard to get comfortable, but try to rest.  So much healing occurs when the body is taking a break, so make sure you give your body a lengthy period of rejuvenation.  In addition, take a look at your pillow and see if it or the mattress need to be replaced.  Neither item has an endless lifespan, and maybe your body needs to move on to a different ‘sleeping arrangement’.
  5. Avoid stress if you can.  Bad events are magnified when you are in pain, so try to minimize negativity in your life.
  6. Consider alternative healing methods.  Many people find pain relief through acupuncture, joint manipulation/adjustments, meditation, etc.   Keep an open mind and you might just find something that works for you.
  7. Eat and drink right.  It is easy to want to just grab a burger and just ‘be done’ with dinner.  However, your body needs healthy foods, and so does your mind.  Think about how bad you can feel on a good day if you eat terribly.  Then magnify that by ten when you don’t feel well.  Even if you eat out, there are still healthy alternatives.  Also, make sure you drink plenty of non-caffeinated liquids because pain can be caused by simple dehydration.
  8. Evaluate how you sit at work and at home.  Is your desk ergonomically correct?  Sitting at a desk all day can cause a surprising amount of discomfort.  If you do have a desk job, make sure you get up and move around frequently, even if your chair and desk are perfectly set up.
  9. Think about your pain, and take note of anything that provides relief.  Maybe long baths provide some relief or a ten-minute walk in the sun.  Just focus on cause and effect.  Know what makes you hurt and know what makes you feel better.  Write it all down so you have something to reference if and when you see a doctor.   Keeping a pain diary may also help you detect patterns and recognize ways to avoid pain in the future.
  10. Consult your doctor.  Some pain is commonplace- your lower back aches after working in the yard all day for instance.  However, some pain can also indicate illness.   For example, the pain was the first symptom I had when I had Shingles and when I had Lyme Disease.  Seeking immediate treatment most likely lessened the severity of both illnesses for me, so do not hesitate to see a doctor if something unusual seems to be going on.
  11. Step on the scale.  Have you gained some weight?  Extra pounds can put an incredible amount of stress on the body.  I know it is hard to get out and exercise when you feel like you can hardly move, but try to make lifestyle changes where you can.  Instead of reaching for comfort food to feel better, try to eat something tasty yet healthy.   Try not to give in to your pain, try to move around as much as possible.

Thanks for reading ~Best assorted life tips~



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